3DSMART 2013

3DSMART 2013

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Tạo mô hình 3d
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Thiết kế 3D đa chiều
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Spend just one day using 3DSMART and chances are you’ll already have a leg up on your competition. With numerous advantages over other design software programs, 3DSMART truly is the smart way to save time and money while creating flawless designs that meet your company’s exacting standards.

Database Driven Design

3DSMART is database driven, which means that anytime a component is placed in your model it’s automatically stored in the database as well. Using SQL Server or SQL Server Express 2005, this database integration allows the software to store the bulk of the data in the database while providing external repository for easy access and a safeguard in case an AutoCAD drawing is lost or damaged. Another main advantage of storing data in the database is that it's available to all departments involved in the project to query the database and generate reports. When using the SQL Server you enjoy the added benefit of a seamless, cohesive work environment in which departments are able to share information effortlessly.

Whether you use SQL Server or SQL Server Express 2005 is entirely up to you. While you get optimum performance from the SQL Server database, the additional expense may not be justifiable for a single software seat user. In these installations, you may use SQL Server Express 2005, which is included with the software.

Incredible Functionality

Designed with the goal of making your job easier and your drawings more accurate, 3DSMART boasts a level of functionality you won’t find anywhere else. Time saving details such as extensive libraries for ANSI piping, structural steel, shared components, equipment and engines + compressors are included at no additional cost. To take 3DSMART’s functionality even further, many customers customize the software by utilizing productivity tools such as Alias's Personal ISOGEN.

Smart for Your Organization
  • Improves profitability by reducing design development time
  • Reduces costly errors with built-in design controls that ensure components comply with project standards and specifications
  • Minimizes training costs because the user-friendly interface enables designers to learn the program quickly
  • Efficiently allows all of your departments to work from a single database
  • Provides full control over design access, project data, personnel resources and project standards with Project Manager
  • Increases the reliability of your component data with the Specification Manager
  • Keeps your team working smoothly with PROCAD’s comprehensive Maintenance Plan. This plan provides upgrades and technical support.
Smart for Design
  • Lets you create and edit model designs quickly and easily
  • The user-friendly interface lets you focus on the design, not the software
  • Records design changes immediately in the central database, allowing everyone access to the most up-to-date design data
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