Symantec Backup

Symantec Backup

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Get affordable, next-generation hybrid backup that allows you to choose the best backup strategy for your company’s evolving needs. Back up data directly to the cloud, or take advantage of the hybrid option to back up data onsite and to the cloud, ensuring fast backups and retrievals and an offsite copy. Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses and organizations with remote offices and workers, the solution allows companies to tailor their cloud-based or hybrid backup choice at the organization, department, user, or server level.

Key Features

  • Hybrid and cloud-based backup
  • Always-on, automatic backup for PCs and servers
  • Secure, Symantec data center and optional on-premise protection
  • Self-service recovery for users
  • Transfer drives available for data restore

Key Benefits

  • Allows an organization to develop a company-wide backup process ensuring backup consistency.
  • Simplifies backup and helps ensure that critical data is always protected by performing backups on a schedule or when files are changed.
  • Combines local and cloud-based backup, providing the optimal solution for users or servers with large data files.
  • Encrypts data and backs up to local servers while data is in transit and at rest in secure, off-site Symantec data centers and restores to any Internet-connected laptop, desktop, or server. Or, backs up directly to the cloud without the need for additional hardware.
  • Easily deployed to individuals or large groups onsite or remotely, with download, email, and redistributable package options.
  • Empowers users to restore their own files, reducing burdens for administrators and minimizing downtime for users.

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