Quality Trainer

Quality Trainer

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ONLINE TRAINING : Master statistics and Minitab Statistical Software anywhere.
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Learn to see your data with a comprehensive statistics course for the most commonly used tools.

Quality Trainer teaches you how to analyze your data anytime you are online. This e-learning course includes animated lessons, quizzes and hands-on exercises to help you easily learn statistics and how to use Minitab Statistical Software.

Quality Trainer contains nine chapters with more than 100 interactive lessons you can use and repeat at your own pace. The course covers the most commonly used graphs and statistical tools, including Hypothesis Tests, Control Charts, Process Capability, ANOVA, Regression and more.

Harness the full power of Minitab Statistical Software

Once you learn a statistical concept, Quality Trainer teaches you how to use Minitab® to run the related analysis. Step by step videos show you exactly what to do, and data sets are provided to give you the opportunity to practice for yourself.

Statistics Brought to Life

Quality Trainer concludes each module with a real-world exercise to ensure that the knowledge you have gained can be directly applied to your own work.

These hands-on activities resemble challenges you face every day, allowing you to transfer your new skills to your job immediately.

Put Your Knowledge to the Test

Interactive quizzes not only test your knowledge, but also explain why your answers are correct or incorrect. They even recommend which lessons to review to fully master the material. This real-time feedback reinforces your learning throughout the course, and the option to retake a quiz whenever you want helps you refresh your understanding anytime.

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