McAfee Endpoint Protection Essential for SMB

McAfee Endpoint Protection Essential for SMB

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You’ve worked hard to grow your business—security shouldn’t slow you down. McAfee Endpoint Protection for SMB delivers essential security features that protect your business from cybercriminals and the latest online threats.

Choose a flexible endpoint security solution that scales with your business. McAfee Endpoint Protection for SMB can be deployed and managed in the cloud or on premises using your own server.

Whether you own a media agency, a restaurant, a law firm, or any other type of small to medium-sized business (SMB), protecting your endpoints should be simple and affordable. McAfee® Endpoint Protection Essential for SMB provides superior protection for your business that is Smart, Simple, and Secure.


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McAfee Endpoint Security v10, Endpoint Security 10 for MAC, Device Control. Management System bao gồm: ePO Cloud hoặc ePO On premises.

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  On-Premise Cloud
Threat Protection    
Protects desktops, laptops and servers from viruses and malware
Protects Windows and Macs
Restricts access to folders in the event of an attack, limiting damage
Prevents exploits
Ensures only legitimate traffic is allowed through the desktop firewall
Web and Messaging Security    
Reduce web related threats with strong control with guided web-usage
Data Protection    
Prevent data leakage with restricting unauthorized access of removable devices  
Deploy and manage security using your own server  
Deployed and managed using the cloud  
Powered by McAfee Global Threat Intelligence


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